Are e-Book Readers on Decline?

With the increase of tablet, computer and phone technology, eBooks and eReading are supposed to have become a favorite reading pattern.

Still, most people prefer the old-fashioned paper book. Below you’ll get to know why most people still prefer print books; when eBooks seem the most viable alternative.

Ebooks have lots of advantages over physical books

Ebooks can be read almost anywhere using all sorts of devices, and it’s effortless to carry a mobile personal library to whatever place you want to go.

With eBooks, there’s the chance of replacing the weird bulky paper stacks with a thin, small slate tablet.

EBooks can take an entire library in your pocket, and as the reader, you also can adjust contrast, type size, and the color of your preference. You can also instantly search for strange words with the inbuilt eBook dictionary.

The advantage of eBook users is mostly in their customize-ability as compared to the paper books that cannot be easily customized.

Anyway, recent research shows that digital content traffic has decreased, while the physical book purchases have progressed. Major book publishing and trading companies have been astonished by this recent discovery. One line of thinking is that the shift is associated with the rush in high-profile fiction releases as well as the burst in adult coloring books.

Also, many readers like physical books that ‘translate well’ as compared to the digital editions. Surveys also attribute the spread in print sales to fictional children’s publications and the youth ranks that prefer actual books to e-Books.

Coming to think of it, it seems that as a reader you only need an appropriate kind of book for the best job or occasion.

We all acknowledge that at least reading is the right job. A vast majority can also agree to the fact that there’s place and time for both paper books and eBooks.