Do you really need a literary agent?

What does an agent have to do with publishing your book?

Publishing a book on your own is a lot of work that requires time and patience. It involves steps like finding your own editor, publishers and target audience. In theory, any person can do it, but working with an agent would make it a lot easier, especially if you do not want to end up in over your head in publishing woes. Here are some of the reasons why having an agent is something a great decision for a first-time writer.

Access to the biggest publishing houses in the game

Any person can find small publishing houses and apply to work with them. However, there are certain big players in the game that one would not be able access without working without an agent. Agents are the people who know people and they are the ones who have the keys to open big doors that hold bright futures for the new writers. Digital publishing is great, but print is still the more charming option.

No legal difficulties thanks to an agent

Publishing houses are helpful, but there is a certain fee to all that help. It is extremely common and true to almost all publishing houses that they prefer to have the rights to the writer’s work. For example, ‘world rights’ means that you are signing off the rights to your work in all languages and countries, but it is not clear if your publisher will actually publish your book all over the world. You would not know that without an agent who would help to negotiate such contracts and terms.

Brand new publishing houses: Is it the right choice for you?

There are many big publishing houses on the market, but there are also new business popping up every single day. It might seem tempting to work with a brand-new publishing company and they might offer quite good deals, but it is an important decision to take since many start-up businesses are not as lucrative as they seem. Once again, an agent is your protection that would make sure that no shady businesses can take advantage of you and your work. What is more, agents often hold more knowledge when it comes to publishing houses and know which ones offer better deals.