All you wanted to know about online publishing and the costs involved

Publishing your first book is exciting and might bring a great fortune to some lucky people. However, it is also scary, as publishing is not one of the easiest tasks, especially when there are so many misconceptions concerning publishing out there. Not to mention that no matter how many books one has written, the publishing of each one is a different and new experience. If you have just finished a book or are working on one truly hard, then you might have already started thinking about publishing and you might be curious what it comes to publish a book online. Here are some of the most common things about online publishing that you should be aware of.

A big market for online publishing means higher competition

Every single year there are about 1 million books being published in the US alone. That is a lot of book and that number only relates to the print versions, while there are lots of books being published online too. So many books appear on the market because more and more people feel braver to self-publish their own work and, of course, the book market is thriving. As good as it sounds, it also means that competition in the publishing world is higher than ever. So, if one were to think that publishing online would mean less competition, one would be wrong.

Publishing online does not guarantee an immediate success

Nowadays, when it comes to publishing there are only a few rare books that become instantly famous or best-sellers. It is often the case that an already household name of someone famous will be more successful in the online publishing rather than a first-time writer. It is very common that new authors barely ever make the million books sold mark and the odds of achieving that are almost equal to the odds of winning the lottery. On the other hand, the numbers of book sales do not determine the author’s success levels. For that reason, the reviews are more likely to provide better information. So, the more good reviews, the more you can be sure that you did a good job.

Publishing online will not make you a famous author

Since so many books are being published every year, it should be clear to you now that publishing something will not instantly make a celebrity out of you. Your book might be great and from time to time you might be required to do some public readings or give an interview to the local newspaper, but the only authors who become famous are the ones that manage to sell the rights of their books to big movie companies. And even then – the chances are high that no one will recognize you. However, when it comes to writing and online publishing, there are more important things than fame. If you beg to differ, you should reconsider your profession and whether writing is really a passion of yours.

Online publishing is growing in popularity

The book industry is not dying at all. If anything, it is stronger than ever and constantly evolving into something bigger and better. It has been established that even though there are not as many book shops out there, today people are reading more than ever. That has been made possible due to the internet, Amazon Kindle and e-books. Hence online publishing is a smart choice for every new author. There might be a little stigma attached to online publishing, but that does not diminish the quality of the books, as via online more and more people can be introduced to your work.

How to Self-Publish A Book

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E-books will never replace paperbacks

People often say that e-books are destroying the print industry, but that is not true, so even if you decide to publish online, it will not affect the printing world. There are simply different kinds of readers. Some prefer actual paper books in their hands while other enjoy the technology. Today the two forms are equal in popularity. And it will most likely stay so at least for next decade.


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