A few weeks back I wrote my FINAL CONFESSION. The fact that you are reading this blog would naturally lead one to believe that I misnamed my previous post.

Think of it like those classic rock 70’s bands that reunite for one FINAL tour only to hit the road again two summers later. Maybe they do it because the fans can’t get enough of the hits or maybe the money is too good or maybe the band simply doesn’t understand the definition of the word final. Now that I’ve lumped myself into the category of aging rock stars looking to squeeze out one more night of adoration, there is an actual purpose for posting yet again.

I want to first thank all of those who sent me emails, commented on the blog or “liked” my FINAL confession. I was moved by all the positive and flattering sentiments. It was humbling. Most of all it gave me much needed affirmation that blogging was a worthy endeavor. Before this discovery there was only the joy of publicly voicing my unsolicited opinions.

In all seriousness the reactions I received from “finalizing” my blog gave me insight into a professional passion I wasn’t fully aware I possessed:  articulating my opinions, expressing thought and hopefully providing guidance to the creative business community. Whatever I decide upon as my next pursuit I know it will include a continuation of this passion. 

While I explore that next perch to exercise my entrepreneurial spirit, I don’t want to miss out on all the fun.

This leads me to the answer of why I’m posting again so soon?

One of my good friends in the business is Charles Day, the founder of The Lookinglass Consultancy. He has helped numerous small, mid-size and publicly traded creative businesses solve some fascinating and industry-wide problems. He does so under a framework of unlocking what he describes as 'Profitable Creativity.' In essence the core of Charles’ work is making creative thinkers better business people and business people better creative thinkers.

It is a theme I’ve revisited throughout the course of my career and in my writings. While I continue to ponder my next chapter, Charles has generously offered to let me hang my hat alongside his at The Lookinglass for as long as I want. I'm going to take him up on that for a while.

My time with the Lookinglass may be weeks or months. But for however long I'm there, I'm excited by the chance to share what I’ve experienced over the last twenty plus years while continuing to pursue my passion of speaking my mind to the community and helping solve problems. Most of all I’m excited to collaborate with Charles.

If there is a problem we can help solve or you just want to talk, please reach me at, jerry@thelookinglass.com.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you.


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