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The first time I walked into Epoch Films was in August of 1991. For those of you not good with big numbers that was over 21 years ago.

It was at the old office on 122 Hudson Street before Tribeca was “Tribeca”. The space looked like a college newspaper. It was disorganized and disheveled but had an energy that was infectious.  It was a world I’d never encounter before. It was addictive, so much so I never wanted to leave...until now.

A lot has happened in my two plus decade association with Epoch.

I learned a trade.

Met the love of my life. Married her and started a family.

Discovered what filmmaking is about and realized how much is always left to know.

Befriended amazingly talented creative quirky and hard working people.

Managed to be a part of some iconic commercials. And quite a few not so iconic ones.

Became a businessman and a partner, two things I never imagined being. 

Scaled a company to unforeseen heights while also bringing it to unexpected lows and back again.

Discovered some great directorial talent and had some great directorial talent discover me.

Made a lot of mistakes. And somehow managed to get a few things right.

Tried my best to give back to individuals and to the industry. In returned I received as much if not more than I gave.  

It was an amazing run but all great journeys must eventually come to an end. Cal Ripken had to finally sit out a game. David Chase had no more stories left to tell of “The Sopranos”.  And The Replacements never put out a record after “All Shook Down”. 

No regrets. No remorse. The good far out weighed the bad. I’m only grateful and thankful for all that I’ve been a part of. Now was the time for a new challenge whatever that may be. To end on my own terms with the comfort of knowing my DNA and legacy are firmly in tact and Epoch has a strong foundation for continued success beyond my presence. There was nothing left for me to accomplish. 

There are so many individuals who have supported me, inspired me and taught me along the way. To name them all would make this post uncomfortably long and sappier than it already is. So in the name of expediency those who have touched me you know who you are. The Staff. The Production teams. The Accounting Department. The Sales Force. The Directors. The Agencies. The Keys. The Crews. The Vendors. The Clients. The Friends. The AICP. The Competitors. Even a few Cost Consultants. It’s been an unimaginable ride one that is forever etched in my soul.

I don’t know what I’m going to do next but I’m neither old enough, financially secure enough or satisfied enough to idly stand by. I’ll resurface in some form or another, that you can count on. But for the moment I have nothing more to confess. 

Thanks for reading. The pleasure has been all mine even when it wasn’t pleasurable.


ps - Here's my new email address. jdsolo22@gmail.com. Only the second one I've ever had. Feel free to drop me a note. I have some spare time to fill. 


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