Why should you self-publish?

Publishing business is often difficult to navigate. That is why lately more and more people decide to publish their own books even if they do not have any publishing experience beforehand. If you are reading this article, you are likely about to start your journey, and you’re probably tired of barely making it by reheating junk food in wall ovens. Most likely it is your time to be sure why you should self-publish, too.

Work based on your own timeline

Publishing is always described as difficult and complicated process because the timeline associated with it is long and troublesome. People who are about to go into publishing need to be armed with patience as usually it requires months of meetings with agents, revising your work and then even more time spent on finding the right publishing house for you. If your book were to be published, it often takes almost 2 years for that to be completed. But if you were to self-publish your book, the whole process would be shorter and your book would be out on the market in no time.

Complete control over your work

If you were to use a publishing house, you would share the rights of the book that you wrote with the publishing house. It is often very common that your editors would have you change certain parts of the book no matter how dear would they be to your heart. But if you were to self-publish, you would hire your own editor and you would be the boss of your own book. Not only the editing process will be simpler, you will also be able to choose the cover of the book and even its price.

Self-publishing is an investment that will pay off

Many new writers are often unaware that publishing houses take almost 90% of the profits that your book earns. It is also true that agents receive a fee of our profits as well. Of course, publishing houses usually provide a lot of help when it comes to getting the book on the market, but at what costs?  Of course, the effects might not seem as grant if your book is wildly successful, but even then, it is nicer to have smaller fees and enjoy your hard-earned money yourself. And since publishing houses do not offer marketing campaigns and you should have one before even pitching a book to them, why then should they receive such huge pay checks?

It is just a few things to consider before you decide to self-publish or do so with the help of publishing house. Both options have its perks and downsides. It is completely up to you which one you prefer more. Either way, best of luck on your future books!